Our fleet is made out of stardust

Hymer Limited CL

As rare as the eclipse, our luxurious “big – small” is the “Rolls-Royce” of the compact motorhomes category


*Full “Zen” insurance always included

Lagoon 380

Explore for 1-2 days, on a mini-maxi catamaran the beautiful coastline of Athens Riviera

Private Packages 1200€ – 2.200€

Lagoon 400s2

A dreamy avant-garde catamaran for multiday trips, is now a reality just a click away from you

min: 3.400€ – max: 8.160€ / week

VW Caddy Tramper

A stealth micro-camper, will let you travel light and flexible like a small “firefly”


Full “Zen” insurance always included

VW T3 Kranich

Every campers symbol retro van, modified in a fuzzy size like a new born nebula



VW T4 California

 White and milky, this beautiful XL spacious high top campervan is a champion in its own unique category



VW T4 Kombi

This aurora greenish versatile van, is the perfect combination of power and flexibility and it is so handy



Unlimited kilometers

Unlimited kilometers

Free transfer

Free airport-bus station transfer

Full sleeping kit

Full sleeping kit

LunaTrips: Who We Are

As soon as we disembarked on this island in 2005 for the first time, Crete became the shelter we have eagerly been looking for; not only as a place to spend our holidays on, but also as a genuine paradise where everything is possible. However we never abandoned neither our birth city and second Luna base, that of Athens, nor the beautiful Peloponnese and Evia island which still play an important role as the origin of our chilhood’s greatest memories and campers secrets.


After spending more than twenty years in sports management, catamaran sailing and yachting business, providing camping on the sea to adventurous travelers, we combined our love for luxurious compact motorhomes/automobiles and versatile flexible vans. Our RVs experience connected all the dots that represent our favorite destinations in one big road trip circle of partnerships and experiences. All those years we sought hidden spots & places, tried hard to find the best tips locals have to offer and eventually we combined all these campers experiences to our network of discount partners and to the greatest travel guide for campers! That was when the Hermes and his crew, designed Luna Trips RVs & Campers Road Trip Network.


While in this balsamic Moon phase, you need more nurturing time than ever before, alone or with loved ones. It’s time for long luxuriant dives into the sea, tranquil nights reading, listening to music or doing the most natural thing of all: chatting with those you admire, sharing experiences, your deepest fears and your highest dreams, preparing a meal as a token of appreciation to yourself and those around you, spending time in serenity and isolation. This LunaTrips Campers experience is as unique as the logo’s moon eclipse…


Follow our exclusive experience to discover your elusive dream

Welcome to the most unique RVs & Campers hiring network in the Mediterranean!

We’re happy that you visited our page – as this means you’re “smelling” FREEDOM already.

We believe that freedom is a matter of choice.

This is the only perfection there is, the perfection of helping others make that choise.

This is the only thing we can do that has any lasting meaning. This is why we’re here. To make each other feel safe out there in to the “wild”.

Great choice a camper is, a house with infinate views.

Especially for Crete, Peloponnese and Evia three island-zones large and so diverse.

Why choosing Luna Trips?

    You have the benefit to explore step by step, following our Map, our exclusive Campers Discount Network or just discover your own elusive Road Trip path of adventure.

    We’ve got a complete range of Maneuverable RVs & Campers, specialized in the Greece’s slim roads , inclined and sometimes crowded roads of Greece, having Unlimited Access in and out of the city where others can’t go. Slow down to go further…

    We are based in Chania town, the heart of the most secluded area of Crete and in Athens, the mother heart of all the veins. Save time and money by avoiding driving more than you should. Connect all the dots and enjoy your camping road trip to the maximum.

    We provide more Basics included in every hiring than anyone would ever imagine and a big range of Extras for hiring – thus helping you experience a real adventure rather than a mundane place to sleep.

    By booking you get our RVs & Campers Network’s Luna Discount Card and get a discount at unique gastronomy points, sports activities spots, organized camping areas, car repair garages or even gas stations and also our Network’s Luna Travel Guide only for campers.

    We also offer Special Discounts for early booking, multiday trips, repeated guests and more.

   Little Luna boxes of guests exchange Souvenirs will wait for you in your RV… and special t-shirts if you take the Luna Challenge.

   Finally by choosing Luna Trips, means that you support our Beach Cleaning Ecological Programme!

Luna Card

Interested in getting a discount to the most unique restaurants that offer authentic gastronomical delights? In sports activities, extreme sports lessons such as surfing, kite, paragliding, scuba diving, boat and sailing trips and other amazing experiences? Exclusive free entrance to private natural camping zones with free electricity and water? A discount to gas stations maybe? We have car repairng garage partners all over Greece if some mechanical issue comes up.

Book and get our Luna Card for free to follow an active experiential trip rather than just a campers rv rental.

Luna Travel Guide

Need to know which magnificent places to visit with your RV? What shoes to wear for taking down that rocky path to the beach? What time of the day to move around with you camper avoiding crowds and traffic? Where to find the pink sand at a hidden beach that only locals know? Where you need to take supplies with you? Which dishes of Cretan Gastronomy you should absolutely taste at a restaurant? Where to look for shadow during a hot day or a safe place to camp during the night, in your RV? Want to learn the myth behind the story?

Book and get our RVs & Campers Network’s  “Luna Tips for Luna Trips” super analytic travel guide specialized for campers! 

Our Destinations Network

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